Alumni Spotlight: Andrea Collins

Portfolio Analyst

City National Rochdale Investment Management

(LLA '18)

We are inspired by Leadership L.A. Class of 2018 alumni Andrea Collins, City National Rochdale Investment Management, who recently authored an empowering new book!
“Throughout my nearly 15-year career in wealth management I have had the opportunity to serve clients from diverse financial, cultural, ethnic and religious backgrounds; and likewise, as many children in the same capacity of diversity as it pertains to teaching financial literacy. I have come to learn that amongst universal words — given their intended definition — the application of such to life would influence decisions that could potentially chart a different course for generations.
My intention for ‘A Word to the Wise’ is twofold: to offer tools to empower you along your life course in wealth building and to enhance your vantage point of what is really important to acknowledge during the journey. All by using both common and often-avoided words. Words are powerful and have the ability to encourage or discourage, build up or tear down, enlighten and expose. In the book, 30 specific words are highlighted that will encourage you to confront your relationship with money face to face. Complete with storytelling, growth applications and contemporary words of wisdom, ‘A Word to the Wise’ helps to uncover the underlying obstacles that many face when striving to create generational wealth.”
If you’d like to read Collins’ book, you can purchase it on Amazon!