Alumni Spotlight: Anne Dobson

Director of Philanthropy & Communications

Skid Row Housing Trust

(Cal Conn '16)

SCLN has heightened my ability to drive social change through both my work in nonprofit affordable housing development and my personal community engagement.

During my travels with the California Connections 2016 class, I witnessed the desperate need throughout the State for more affordable housing, which has manifested itself in increasing economic hardship for low- and middle-income families and far too often in homelessness. My experiences with Cal Conn affirmed for me that permanent supportive housing, which is rooted in the Housing First model, is the most effective way to end chronic homelessness in Los Angeles, in California and nationwide.

Skid Row Housing Trust is advocating strongly for the passage of Measure HHH, which would allow the City of Los Angeles to finance the construction of 10,000 units of permanent supportive housing for homeless and other vulnerable populations over the next 10 years. I personally believe that the passage of this measure will save lives and ultimately save the public millions of dollars in crisis services costs.

The relationships I quickly developed with my Cal Conn cohort also led me to an opportunity to be appointed to the City of Santa Monica’s Social Services Commission. I feel a deep sense of fulfillment using my skills and experience to drive social change in my own backyard.