Alumni Spotlight: Boomer Welles


Parq Advisors Insurance & Estate Planning

(LLA '14)

How have your leadership skills developed as a result of your experience with Leadership L.A.? 

Exposure to the issues, industries and individuals that shape the fabric of the Greater L.A. Area has allowed me to observe and interact with a wide array of personalities and leadership styles. During Leadership L.A., we spent a lot of time looking inward towards our own personal leadership styles; exploring our strengths and discovering areas for improvement. Consistent and meaningful interaction with my fellow cohort members provided an avenue for developing awareness both in ourselves and each other.

How do you plan to stay connected with L.A. Leaders?

Being a part of Leadership L.A. opened me up to the world in which we live. People throughout the leadership spectrum were very gracious in spending time with me. Gaining a knowledge of the inner workings of the Greater L.A. Area has given me an opportunity to create pathways for people that may have been difficult to access otherwise. My goal is to widen those pathways and develop new ones by proactively seeking a deep knowledge and understanding of the leaders I have met and will meet in the future. Although my fellowship has ended, I plan on maintaining the relationships I made throughout my time in Leadership L.A. in a meaningful way.