Alumni Spotlight: Darian Chin

Financial Manager

Port of Los Angeles

(LSC '16)

What are some of the benefits you received from LSC programming?

LSC creates an environment in which civic-minded professionals are exposed to issues and engage one another with thoughtful perspectives that individually may not have been realized. For example, in Ventura County our seminar focused on affordable housing. The speaker linked other problems that sometimes result. Situations such as crime may arise when parents were too busy working to pay the rent, rather than be home with their children. My worldview has broadened.

LSC helped me to be more in tune with the human element of decisions by seeking out differing viewpoints and building strong relationships.

Discuss how SCLN has helped you take steps to increase your philanthropy and community involvement.

When creating my living mission statement, I was reminded I won a $1,000 scholarship as a senior in high school. So I decided to establish my own $1,000 scholarship at my high school to give back and in May 2016, I presented the winner with the award.

Another part of my mission statement is to build new relationships. I sought out to be a member of the Supervisory Committee of LA Financial Credit Union and was appointed in April 2016.

Do you have any advice for prospective SCLN participants?

Embrace meeting new people and especially experiences as a way of building your leadership portfolio.

LSC has helped me ask myself, “Who do I want to be and how do I get there?” The 360 degree feedback tool and leadership profile, including writing my mission statement helped chart a path to follow beyond graduation.