Alumni Spotlight: David Maciel

Sales Leader

State Farm Insurance 

(LLA '14)

How has being part of an SCLN fellowship affected your leadership skills and what would you suggest to prospective Fellows interested in joining?  

My first impression of Leadership L.A. was that it was an oasis of talent! I was so impressed with my fellow students by the depth of their questions, understanding of the different departments we visited, interest in knowing more about areas outside of their industry as well as their commitment to making Los Angeles a better place to live and work!

LLA gives you a perspective of our transportation systems, education issues, health care, politics, religion and law enforcement. I was extremely impressed with the different leadership styles presented by our speakers with their honest feedback on what it took for them to reach the level they had achieved. The ability to have access to some of the top leaders in L.A. is an opportunity very few people get to receive and to be able to ask questions without restrictions is impressive.

The relationships you build in this program go far beyond the 10 weeks you get to spend with each other. I believe anyone who joins this program will have an opportunity to grow as a person, as a professional and build long lasting relationships with some outstanding individuals who will serve as valuable resources now and in the future.