Alumni Spotlight: David Porges

Director, Corporate Social Responsibility

Grant Thornton LLP

(LLA '05, LSC '07)

In what ways have you used some of the tools and skills developed through California Connections and Leadership Los Angeles, and how did the up-close examination and exposure to community issues directly impact your work?

“SCLN offers an experience that gives people — even those of us who’ve lived here our whole lives — a chance to know our city, region and state for the first time.  It also shows just how complex our part of the world truly is, with its own unique challenges and opportunities, risks and rewards, from an economic and social perspective.  As an alum of both Leadership LA and Leadership Southern California, I and my fellow classmates got a privileged look into these issues and met some of the people and organizations at the heart of how we are responding. This was great insight and a great benefit to my work.  Going through the programs, one quickly realizes that leadership itself is another of our resources — the one asset on which all others rely — and the quantity and quality of this leadership – how well we grow it through organizations like SCLN — will make or break our future.”