Alumni Spotlight: Hudson Leung

Senior Product Specialist

The Capital Group Companies

(RLI Class 47)

SCLN is excited to welcome the Riordan Leadership Institute (RLI) to the SCLN community!  RLI is a unique program which focuses on community leadership and nonprofit board training. An artful combination of the latest training, hands-on experience and mentorship, RLI offers fellows a substantial understanding of the essentials of serving on a nonprofit board. Learn more from Hudson Leung, a recent RLI graduate, about the benefits he received during his fellowship.

How did you benefit from participating in Riordan Leadership Institute? 

Prior to RLI, I was mostly involved in L.A.’s nonprofit community through occasional volunteer events – a tree planting here, a college fair there. However, wanting to ramp up my civic engagement and find new outlets for my professional skills, I applied to RLI to get a primer on nonprofit board service and hands-on experience through a board internship with an actual nonprofit. For professionals and community members who are looking for a place to start their journeys to board service, RLI is an ideal program.

How have you utilized some of the tools & skills developed in Riordan Leadership Institute?

The RLI internship is a potential springboard to finding a board that you may serve on after the end of the program. Today, I am an advisory board member with the nonprofit I interned with, (the Wildwoods Foundation) where the strategic planning and fundraising skills I honed through practical exercises during RLI have come particularly in handy. In addition to the education, the RLI network continues to be a great resource from where I seek advice when facing challenges with my nonprofit, as well as, mutual support for all the various causes and events that RLI alums champion.