Alumni Spotlight: Katherine Moore

VP Communications

JVS Los Angeles

(LLA '14, Cal Conn '15)

In what ways have you used some of the tools and skills developed through California Connections and Leadership Los Angeles, and how did the up-close examination and exposure to community issues directly impact your work?

“California Connections was a shared journey of discovery that radically changed my understanding of the complex public policy issues we are facing statewide and what it takes to effect meaningful change. Seeing inside the revolutionary business models of the Silicon Valley; experiencing the heartbreaking impact of the drought on agricultural towns in the Central Valley; encountering the courage and persistence of the business and community coalition working to change border politics – the list goes on. Across the state, we met talented, compassionate and dedicated leaders who were willing to take us behind the scenes – and speak to us frankly – about their obstacles and failures as well as their successes. I emerged with a renewed sense of possibility, as a more strategic leader and a better, bolder and more powerful advocate for my agency.”