Alumni Spotlight: Kristine Scott

Public Affairs Manager

Southern California Gas Company, a Sempra Utility Company,  South Inland Region

(Cal Conn '15)

In what ways have you used some of the tools and skills developed through California Connections, and how did the up-close examination and exposure to community issues directly impact your work?

“Each region of our great state enjoys economic and geographic advantages while facing a variety of challenges. It is easy to be absorbed in these challenges without seeing the greater perspective that can be provided by networking across these regions.

California Connections allows for a greater perspective by networking with leaders who not only can identify specific economic, resource, water, social and educational challenges their regions and the state are experiencing, but offer innovative solutions that can be used in a variety of contexts. Given the sheer size of the Inland Empire, my region incorporates an extensive list of needs, challenges and resources.

The innovations learned at SCLN allow me and the leaders I work with to broaden our view and draw from what is working throughout the state, when we confront these needs.”