Alumni Spotlight: Michelle Ahn


Los Angeles Superior Court

(LLA '15)

SCLN connected with Leadership L.A. 2015 alum, Michelle Ahn to discuss her recent Leadership L.A. experience and describe how SCLN helped increase her philanthropy and community involvement.

I had the privilege of being a part of the 2015 Leadership L.A. (LLA) class. It was inspiring and rewarding to take a break once a month from my regular work and think about issues impacting L.A.  We had an amazing roster of speakers during the eight seminar classes – people like Christopher Thornberg (Beacon Economics), Michelle King (Superintendent of LAUSD) and Scott Budnick (President of The Anti-Recidivism Coalition). Now, when I see them in the news, I have a deeper understanding of the issues because I have had the opportunity to meet them and hear their views.

The LLA fellowship also introduced me to a group of motivated, smart and committed people, like Piper Kamins, Program Officer, The Ralph M. Parsons Foundation. As we rode a bus to one of the sites, Piper and I talked about our interest in volunteering and both mentioned Imagine L.A., a nonprofit that teams individuals with families emerging from homelessness.  Through that conversation, I was able to join the mentor team Piper was creating. Along with other volunteers, we met  with a mother and her four daughters weekly for one year to guide them in life skills, budgeting and schoolwork.

A huge thanks to the SCLN staff for making my LLA experience so rewarding!